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What Do You Need to Know About Custody?

There is nothing scarier than wondering what will happen during a custody battle. This is even more relevant when dealing with a relationship that has soured or when working to take parental rights away. The best defense you can take, however, is to stay legally informed and equipped on all subjects. It’s our goal to help you remain ready and […]

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child custody, Family Law

Key Issues to Consider in a Step-Parent Adoption

You may ask yourself what exactly is a step-parent adoption? In a step-parent adoption, one of the biological parents is married to a third party who wishes to adopt the minor child in question as his or her own legal child. Hence, the rights of the absentee biological parent will be terminated during the course of the adoption, and the […]

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Where Do I File My Divorce?

In Columbus, Georgia and the surrounding areas divorce cases are handled a little differently. The “location” issue comes up frequently because of the tens of thousands of soldiers and civilian employees at Fort Benning. They come from all over the country, so when divorce and family law problems arise, their first question is: Where do I file my divorce? Is […]

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