Phillips and sellers working on a plea deal for one of their clients in the court of criminal law
Criminal Defense

What’s a Plea Deal and Do I Need One?

Are you going to court for a criminal charge? Do you know what a plea deal is? Do you know if you will need one? Before entering the court of law, it is a good idea to get well acquainted with a plea deal. In this blog, Phillips and Sellers Attorneys at Law will explain what a plea deal is […]

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Arrested in Georgia or Alabama
Criminal Defense

Do Alabama and Georgia Law Differ in Criminal Court?

Do Alabama and Georgia Law Differ in Criminal Court? Even though Alabama and Georgia have many things in common, including sharing the Chattahoochee River, not everything is the same when you cross state lines. Criminal laws and criminal courts may differ in every state. Each state has the ability to create and enforce its own laws based on what its […]

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Family Law, Legal Help

Do you Need an Attorney? When to Give Phillips and Sellers a Call?

With the internet at your fingertips and ‘DIY’ projects being all the rage. People tend to try and solve their own problems without spending money on hiring a professional. Generally, there are 3 main things that hold people up from getting in contact with an attorney: Thinking you can fix the issue at hand by themselves, they are embarrassed by […]

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