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Child Support, Family Law

Child Support in Georgia : Key Points to Know Today!

The difference between an adjustment, an additional expense, and a deviation in Child Support. Here are eight key points to know about child support in Georgia and how Phillips and Sellers can assist you. First off, an adjustment to each parent’s gross income may be made when calculating the support award as “deductions” from their respective gross income. Adjustments include […]

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Going Through a Divorce? Turn to Phillips and Sellers
Divorce, Family Law

Going Through a Divorce? Turn to Phillips and Sellers

Divorces can be messy with an abundance of stress. Searching for a “divorce attorney near me”? Look no further than Phillips and Sellers.  Mr. Phillips and Ms. Sellers are licensed to practice law in the states of Georgia and Alabama. They are attorneys in Columbus, Georgia, and they’re ready to help you! The firm handles cases in Muscogee, Harris, Chattahoochee, […]

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Scott Phillips, Family Law
Child Custody, Child Support, Family Law

5 Reasons to Choose Scott Phillips for Your Family Attorney

Facing problems within your family can be stressful and hard on the relationship. If it comes time to take it to court, hiring a family law attorney in Columbus, Georgia could be the deciding factor in your case! You’ll want to find an experienced family law attorney who knows their way around the courtroom, has dealt with prior cases that […]

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