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Family Law

New Year, Protect Your Family Now

As family attorneys in Columbus, GA, Phillips & Sellers often see individuals and families who have not taken the time to properly plan for their future. This can lead to a variety of legal and financial issues down the road. Putting your will and assets in order is one of the most critical aspects of helping your family be prepared […]

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Family Law

Need a Family Attorney in Columbus GA? Call Us.

Phillips and Sellers Attorneys at Law in Columbus, Georgia are your go-to family attorneys in the Muscogee and Chattahoochee Valley area. Our law office has been providing quality legal aid and representation for families and community members for over 20 years. We believe and upload that absolutely everyone deserves a fair trial. There are several key points to note when […]

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Family Law, Legal Help

10 Tips When in Family Law Court

Family law covers a broad range of legal issues, from divorce and custody to adoption and beyond. Since close family relationships are involved, family law cases can be particularly challenging and painful for all parties involved. Phillips and Sellers Attorneys at Law have been practicing family law attorneys in the Columbus, GA area for over two decades. Today, we share […]

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