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Need an Attorney? When to Give Your Lawyer a Call

Throughout our lifetime, we experience many feelings, events, and opportunities. Although, a legal encounter might not be exactly what you had on your to-do list for the week. At Phillips & Sellers, P.C Attorneys at Law, we want to spread awareness and tips for when you are caught in a situation that requires a lawyer. Whether it be criminal defense, […]

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Divorce, Family Law

Get to Know Georgia Divorce Laws

If you find yourself seeking a divorce in the state of Georgia, then look no further for advice and counsel on what you should do and the steps to take during this period of your life. The attorneys at Phillips and Sellers, Scott Phillips and Angela Sellers have over 23 years of experience in family law and Georgia divorce cases. […]

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5 Facts Before Modifying Your Child Support

In these difficult economic times, we meet with clients on a daily basis who need to modify their child support obligations just to make ends meet. This is much more difficult to do than you might think. Judges frequently use the logic that if you’ve been paying it in the past, then you can continue to pay it in the […]

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