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Child Custody Cases: How to Keep Your Ducks in a Row

Are you preparing for a child custody case in the greater Columbus, GA area? Visit Phillips and Sellers Attorneys at Law, for guidance and professional help through your child custody case. At Phillips and Sellers, we specialize in Family Law for residents in Columbus and Phenix City. This includes legal areas such as child custody, divorce, and other family disputes. […]

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Child Support, Family Law

Child Support Column

Whether a client is filing a divorce, legitimation case, change of custody, paternity case or some other similar piece of litigation, child support is going to be a major issue.  The client with custody of the child/ren wants to know how much he or she will be receiving so they can plan a family budget.  The client who is expected […]

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Considering a Divorce? We Can Help

The process of dissolving a marriage can seem like an overwhelming one, but know that it’s not a step you will be entering alone. Look to Phillips and Sellers, seasoned family lawyers, to help with your potential divorce. We have the professional knowhow to get you through this difficult time as painlessly as possible. We also know what you’re going […]

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