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Child Custody

How to Amicably Reach a Child Custody Agreement

Are you considering a child custody agreement? Whether dealing with divorce, separation or are looking to reevaluate a current agreement, this is a nuanced situation that must be approached with care. Parental rights are something sacred, and tensions can escalate very quickly when parents believe those rights are in jeopardy, or that they must be shared with another.

When parties are not getting along, the situation can become even more difficult, sometimes with one or both parties using child custody as a weapon.

However, with much careful consideration, you can look to achieve an amicable situation that benefits all involved.

Steps to Creating an Amicable Child Custody Agreement – Lawyer Advice

  1. Talk with your lawyer about your wishes going into the situation. As you have this conversation, be prepared to have an open mind. There will be give and take involved, and providing this in early forms of the negotiation can shorten the process and avoid hurt feelings.
  2. Keep the kids in mind. What’s best for them? How can the adults reach an agreement that best serves all children involved? This is true of parents and legal guardians alike.
  3. Next, leave your personal viewpoints at the door. By nature, separation and divorce usually come with hurt feelings. However, the better you can remove yourself from them during the legal process, the easier it will be. Attempting to “play dirty” could leave you in a worse situation for the custody agreement.
  4. Even if the other party turns unprofessional, keep your cool. This will only help your case, especially if their behavior continues to deteriorate.
  5. Give a little, take a little. Be realistic about your options. In most cases, parents will share child custody to some degree. Consider the best possible outcome for all, especially the children, and how you can offer time or dates to reach that agreement.
  6. Keep track of the negative. If a co-parent has put the children in danger, if they refuse to offer financial help, or did not take the kids during their allotted time, all of this should go on paper. A detailed record of all involvement can set you up for a better case in your child custody agreement.

Choose Phillips & Sellers for Child Custody Cases in Columbus, GA, and Nearby

Finally, work with your lawyer and follow their lead to ensure all proper protocol has been followed. Crossing your Ts throughout the child custody process can ensure things work as quickly and smoothly as possible. 

When you choose Phillips & Sellers for your family law needs, you get the highest level of professionalism and legal care. Call our office today to set up a consultation meeting or you can contact us here and fill out a request form.

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