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Considering a Divorce? We Can Help

The process of dissolving a marriage can seem like an overwhelming one, but know that it’s not a step you will be entering alone. Look to Phillips and Sellers, seasoned family lawyers, to help with your potential divorce. We have the professional knowhow to get you through this difficult time as painlessly as possible. We also know what you’re going through – count on our gentle and reassuring process to achieve the status you deserve. 

Considering Divorce in Columbus, GA?

There are many reasons to consider a divorce. From money troubles, to not getting along, to infidelity, and more, we understand this is a big life change and not one that you have considered lightly.

Whether or not you’re ready to move forward with divorce legal proceedings, we can help you discuss your options and help you make an informed decision from all angles. You handle the personal side, and we’ll provide you with the legal data you need.

Why Do I Need a Divorce Lawyer? – Is a Divorce Attorney Necessary?

Having an experienced family legal team can help you protect yourself in a number of ways: financially, emotionally, and in divvying out your assets. A good divorce lawyer will help you prepare for the changes ahead, and they will help you do everything possible to create your best outcome once the divorce is finalized. In the event of a legal battle, your divorce lawyer will fight for your rights and ensure you are getting what’s available to you, not being taken for a ride by your spouse’s legal team.

Hiring a divorce lawyer can give you peace of mind that your legal rights are being taken care of. However, a legal team will also handle logistics. Stop worrying about paperwork and what needs to be turned in where, but let us handle it instead.

Simply put, a divorce lawyer protects you during a divorce. They work behind the scenes to ensure you’re protected and ready for whatever might take place. A good divorce lawyer will also prepare you for potential divorce law scenarios, and allow you to take the best steps to reach your preferred outcome with the finalization of your divorce.

The Perks of Hiring Phillips and Sellers to Settle Your Divorce

We are a well-seasoned team of divorce lawyers in Columbus, GA, and Phenix City, AL. Our years of experience working in your favor, allowing us to best serve your legal needs. Call on Phillips and Sellers if you’re considering an upcoming divorce or legal separation.

We are here to make the transition of divorce as easy and stress-free as possible for our clients. This includes every step of the process, from initial filing, to agreeing on areas such as child custody, finances, or assets, to the final paperwork. We can also offer services such as mediation to make the process as smooth as possible.

To learn more about your divorce law options with Phillips and Sellers, Attorneys at Law, contact our office today. We are ready to answer any questions you may have with a free consultation.

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