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Family Law

5 Times You Might Need a Family Law Attorney

5 Times You Might Need a Family Law Attorney

Family law deals with any and all legal situations that pertain to family matters. There are many times or situations over the course of your life that you may need a family law attorney. However, what makes this an interesting subject is that family law ranges widely in emotions — from some of the worst days to some of the happiest in folks’ lives. 

Having experienced legal counsel by your side during that time — good or bad — can definitely help the process go smoother, and will make sure all your legal rights are protected, whatever the scenario may be.


Going through a divorce is a big change in your life. There are many aspects to include, such as, splitting assets, possible alimony, and children involved. Having an experienced legal team that has your best interests in mind can do much to ease stress, but weigh the odds in your favor. Don’t overlook the importance of a skilled lawyer in the event of a divorce. 

Estates and Wills

A lot of individuals do not want to talk about estate planning or drafting a will, usually because they do not want to think about the event of them passing away. However, this is an important step in ensuring your family’s safety. Drafting a will and estate planning protects your assets after you are gone, and makes sure that you get to choose what happens to your property. Everyone should have a will, but not everyone needs an estate plan. Discuss your options with legal counsel to tailor your options specific to your needs and assets.


Adding a new member to your family is a very exciting time in your life! The last thing you need to be worrying about is the paperwork and feeling uncertain that the logistics are being taken care of behind the scenes. Whether it is an international or domestic adoption, we will be there the whole way. We take pride in taking the little details off your plate, so you can be focusing on the exciting part: bringing your new family member home!

Child Custody

Determining a smart and effective child custody agreement are tough for all who are involved, especially the child. The most important thing to remember during a child custody battle is to keep the child’s best interests at the center of it. Having legal counsel during a child custody case will help you navigate the legal system while looking out for everyone’s needs, especially the child’s (or children’s’). 


It might seem odd that you would need a family law attorney for a marriage, but this is actually a common legal request. If one party is bringing pre-owned assets into the marriage, a wealth imbalance or one party has other dependents, the two parties might want a prenuptial agreement drafted and signed before the marriage. Prenuptial agreements are in place in case of divorce or death of one of the parties — that way there are no disagreements over assets; the divvying has already been determined.

A family law attorney provides a significant amount of guidance and understanding over the course of your matter. Selecting the correct attorney for your needs is the most important first step to take when beginning legal action. 

Here at Phillips and Sellers, Attorneys at Law, we strive to provide you the best legal counsel possible, whatever your situation is. Contact us today to book a free consultation to discuss your family law needs.

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