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Why Experience Matters in a Family Lawyer

Being in a position where you need to hire a family lawyer is not very fun. However, it is necessary. When you find yourself looking for a family lawyer, the number one thing you should look for is experience. Though it may be tempting to hire the lawyers that offer the cheapest rate for their services, your long-term family and financial situation will NOT thank you later. 

Experienced Family Lawyers in Columbus, Georgia

The Phillips and Sellers Attorneys At Law have over 22 years of experience in helping clients. Experience matters in hiring a family lawyer for several reasons. Divorces can be tiresome and each case is extremely unique. An experienced lawyer has seen hundreds of cases and knows the ins and outs of the law. Phillips and Sellers Attorneys have practiced for 22 years, seeing numerous amounts of unique cases. These attorneys know how to read people and can get the outcome that you desire.

Attorneys Know When Mediation is More Efficient

Though a cheaper lawyer may be more appealing at first. The time they will spend looking up the rules of the law, trying to find a game plan for your case, and court costs could be easily avoided. An experienced lawyer will know when mediation is more beneficial for your case. Experienced family lawyers have been in the business for years, seeing hundreds of unique cases. While the cheap, inexpensive lawyer may be disputing in the courtroom for hours or even days on end. An experienced family lawyer will know when mediation will benefit your case more. 

Family Lawyer in Columbus, GA

Though this may not be in the rule books of the law. Reputation matters. Experienced