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Top Tips for Co-Parenting During the Holidays

The holidays are an exciting time of year for families of all ages. But when considering families who are divorced, or recently separated, it may bring its own set of challenges. Take a look at these tips on how to deal with co-parenting this time of year for a better way to ease stress and optimize excitement for all involved.

First things first, remember it’s the kids who are suffering the most through a holiday after divorce. Sure, as a parent you don’t want to be away from your child. You don’t want to have to share or plan with someone you may not get along with. But for the kids it’s more than that. They don’t get to stay home; they have to bounce between locations. They also don’t get their entire family together on important holidays.

Keeping the kids top-of-mind can help you make best decisions with your former partner. Co-parenting certainly isn’t easy, but there are steps you can take in order to make it more functional for situations dealing with family law.

Splitting Parental Custody for the Holidays

If you don’t have a legal arrangement for who gets the kids on holidays, it’s time to decide amongst yourself. The more you can work out together, the easier it will be for all involved. Remember this co-parenting tip all year long, however, not just during the holiday season.

Make Your Traditions Unique Through Co-Parenting 

If you aren’t with your kids on the actual day a holiday is celebrated, there’s no reason to fret. You can make the holiday your own. Being together makes it special, not the dates on a calendar. Remember this and have fun together no matter when you get to celebrate.

Go Heavy on the Self-Care After a Divorce

That being said, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to be away from your kids on special occasions. It’s ok to acknowledge these sad times and give yourself a little slack. Families that are new to split holidays will have an especially hard time. Keep this in mind and allow yourself to grieve a changing process within your family dynamics.

Buy yourself something nice, take a day trip to the golf course or spa, or whatever else it takes to help you feel better about your recent divorce. (Spoiler: this goes even when the divorce is not so recent too.)

Respect Your Former Partner’s Decisions While Co-Parenting

Fighting or arguing through the holidays is good for no one, least of all the kids. Even if you don’t agree with something that your former partner is doing, you have to respect their wishes. They are their kids as well. Legally the custody is shared. Besides, you want your own decisions to be respected as well.

To learn more about transitioning your family to a divorced holiday season, or if you are in the market for a divorce lawyer in Columbus, GA, get in touch with Phillips and Sellers today. We’re here to take your call.


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