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Navigating Divorce: Expert Family Law Attorney in Columbus, GA

Family matters are some of the most sensitive and complex issues one can encounter in life. When it comes to legal matters within the family, having a reliable and experienced family law attorney by your side is crucial. Here at Phillips and Sellers, we stand out as the go-to family law firm for those facing divorce, child custody disputes, and other family-related legal challenges in Columbus, GA. In this blog post, we’ll explore the vital role a family law attorney plays in your life, discuss family law in Georgia, and provide some personal advice for navigating these challenging times.

The Role of a Family Law Attorney

A family law attorney is a legal expert who specializes in matters concerning family relationships, such as divorce, child custody, spousal support, and more. We at Phillips and Sellers are dedicated to guiding you through these often emotionally charged legal processes.

What to Expect

Divorce can be one of life’s most challenging experiences, and navigating the legal aspects can make it even more complex. In Georgia, divorce laws are specific and require proper legal representation. The experienced family law attorneys here at Phillips and Sellers can help you understand your rights and responsibilities during the divorce process.

We will assist you in:

  • Filing for Divorce: Determining the grounds for divorce, whether it’s no-fault or fault-based, and filing the necessary paperwork accurately.
  • Property Division: Ensuring that marital assets are fairly and equitably divided, taking into account factors like contributions, length of marriage, and more.
  • Child Custody: Advocating for your parental rights and the best interests of your children when it comes to custody arrangements.
  • Child Support: Calculating child support payments, ensuring they are fair and in compliance with