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Legal Help When You Need It Most

Legal help that is local? Look no further. Phillips & Sellers Law Firm is your go-to for your legal needs and they are local to Columbus, GA. 

Best Legal Help Near Me? 

Mr. Phillips and Ms. Sellers are licensed to practice law in the states of Georgia and Alabama. They are attorneys in Columbus, Georgia, and they’re ready to help you! If you google, “best legal help near me”, Phillip-Sellers Law Firm is here for your legal help in Columbus, GA, and legal advice in Columbus, GA. Their areas of combined practice include DUI defense, divorce, child custody, paternity and legitimation issues, child support, adoptions, and guardianships. Having a family lawyer that you can trust is extremely important. Phillips & Sellers Law Firm legal aid is transparent and willing to help your every need. Phillip Sellers law firm is local and will assist you in your legal needs. 

Family Law and Divorce 

Phillips & Sellers Law Firm can handle your divorce, family law, child custody, visitation, support, paternity/legitimation, adoption and contempt actions, and legal help Columbus, GA. Contact Phillips & Sellers Law Firm with questions about your divorce or family law issues in Columbus, GA. Phillips & Sellers is here to help you with your legal needs. When looking for legal advice in Columbus, GA, provide as much information as possible regarding your inquiry. While this contact form does not serve to establish an attorney/client relationship, it will allow the legal team to begin an assessment of your case. If the parties have children, this means there are various factors that must be in the agreement between the two parties. Items like custody, visitation, the amount of child support to be paid by the non-custodial parent, etc. The parties must also be in agreement as to how they will divide their assets (real estate, vehicles, retirement accounts, etc.) and their debts (credit card bills, mortgage payments, car payments, etc.). Going through a divorce proceeding can be emotionally draining. Phillips & Sellers Law Firm wants your case to go through as smoothly as possible and can offer transparent legal services.  

Criminal Defense 

When searching for “How do I find the best legal help near me”? Phillip & Sellers Law Firm represents defendants in felonies, misdemeanors, and DUI cases. All-too-often we are contacted and hear questions like, “I’ve been contacted by law enforcement and they want to interview me. What should I do?” Before anything else, you should speak with your attorney. Do not hesitate to contact Phillips & Sellers Law Firm for legal advice in Columbus, GA

Innocent defendants often think they can handle things themselves and quickly discover they are in over their heads when they are questioned. If you are the target of a criminal investigation of any kind, consult a qualified professional before you meet with any member of law enforcement. 

Legal help in Columbus, GA or legal advice in Columbus, GA? Look no further, you have found your local legal help. 

Phillips & Sellers Law Firm is your local law firm for legal help in Columbus, GA. Contact Phillips & Sellers Law Firm today!

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