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How to Document Files for Your Family Court Case

In family law matters, there are many sides coming to one seemingly small table. Family law includes aspects like child custody, divorce, or other family disputes; it’s our job at Phillips and Sellers, Attorneys at Law in Columbus, GA, to help make this process as smooth as possible. Many times that means finding common ground to make the best decision for all going forward.

There might be the sides of a marriage, legal guardians, foster parents, distant relatives, and of course, the kids who are involved. Even when disagreements take place, these parties must put their differences aside to reach a decision.

However, it’s also important to protect yourself and your loved ones during this process. Keep track of any and all interactions so that you can come prepared when dealing with aspects of family law.

How to Document Communication for a Family Law Court Case

Whatever documents you can keep on hand, file them away for safekeeping. You can keep a log of all phone calls and quick notes about what was discussed. Be sure to include the date, time, and how long was spent talking. Take note of the tone and any disagreements, if applicable.

Before you consider recording these calls, talk to us about any specifics, as this is not always admissible to the case.

Text messages or emails, as well as social media messages, are easily kept in check, of course. Save these in a file that can be referenced if and when they’re needed. Meanwhile, in-person communication can also be recorded in the same way you track phone calls. 

Be sure to write down any events, too. If you’re being harassed, if the other party does not stick to the agreement in place, etc., this should all be put on record. Being able to reference this evidence can create a solid look at how the family case has unfolded.  

Why Should I Document Communication for my Family Court Case? 

When dealing with a family court case, it’s important to strengthen your case in any way possible. Show your side of the story, complete with evidence. The more details you can bring to the table, the more thorough of a picture you’re providing to outside viewers.

While you might not end up needing communication records for your family law case, it’s safe to lean toward caution. It’s far better to be prepared and have everything you need than to need information you cannot provide.

When it comes to family law cases, there are so many factors that affect the overall results. Depending on the situation at hand, you’ll want to talk with your lawyer to form a solid plan of action.

Family Law Leaders Near Me in Georgia and Alabama

To find your best outcome in a family law case, contact Phillips and Sellers today. We’ve got your experienced family law attorney in Columbus, GA. Proudly serving the entire Chattahoochee Valley area, including Alabama.

If you’d like to discuss your family law case via our free consultation option, contact us today.  

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