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The legal landscape significantly impacts family dynamics, particularly during the challenging process of divorce. Divorce is a critical area within family law that often brings significant emotional and legal complexities. Phillips & Sellers, P.C. are divorce attorneys that specialize in managing diverse aspects of divorce proceedings with over two decades of expertise, aiming to achieve cooperative and efficient resolutions. This focused approach helps navigate the intricacies of divorce to assist our clients through this difficult transition.

Understanding the Divorce Process

Divorce is a transformative yet challenging journey that can significantly affect your personal and family life. Navigating the divorce process can often be complex and emotionally taxing. At Phillips & Sellers, P.C. Attorneys at Law, we understand that without proper legal guidance, the future of your transitioning family could face unnecessary hurdles.

Our Columbus, GA firm is experienced in handling all types of divorces – contested, uncontested, mediated, collaborative, high-conflict, and military divorces.

Benefits of Choosing Phillips & Sellers, P.C.

Whether you choose to proceed with a divorce through mediation or through court proceedings, Phillips & Sellers, P.C. will ensure that every aspect of your Georgia divorce is legally sound, so you can move forward in your life knowing the settlement is fair and final.

Let us help you ensure that the process is as smooth and manageable as possible, allowing you to focus on the next chapter of your life.

Trusted GA Divorce Attorneys

Choosing a trusted legal representative is crucial. Our firm is dedicated to offering effective, compassionate, and respectful divorce legal services. We bring a wealth of experience and a genuine passion for family law, treating each case with the personalized attention it deserves.

We are here to discuss your unique situation, explore your options, and help you devise the best divorce strategy that’s tailored to your personal needs.

Our Practice Areas

Here are several of our primary areas of legal experience and expertise.

Choose Phillips & Sellers, P.C.: Trusted Divorce Lawyers in Columbus, GA

Where we treat you like a person and not like you’re just another file.

Selecting the proper legal representation in family matters is essential. At Phillips & Sellers, P.C. we prioritize your family’s well-being, offering personalized, compassionate, and skilled legal advocacy. Our founders, Scott Phillips and Angela Sellers are not just passionate about family law; they embody dedication in every case, treating clients with the care and respect deserving of family.

Resources & Documentation

In certain circumstances, we lawyers will need clients to provide us with documentation at the time we commence our representation or later during the natural flow of the case. This documentation may include marriage licenses, birth certificates, proof of income, certified documents from previous litigation and other kinds of public records. Below is a list of websites where such information can be obtained as well as links to required parenting seminars, child support calculators and other information that prospective or current clients may find helpful.