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Child Custody Cases: How to Keep Your Ducks in a Row

Are you preparing for a child custody case in the greater Columbus, GA area? Visit Phillips and Sellers Attorneys at Law, for guidance and professional help through your child custody case. At Phillips and Sellers, we specialize in Family Law for residents in Columbus and Phenix City. This includes legal areas such as child custody, divorce, and other family disputes. Our attorneys can assist by providing information about child custody laws in Georgia and helping you prepare for your court date.

Going to a courtroom proceeding can make anyone nervous, that’s why it is important to be prepared … legally and mentally. Being ready for the day of a child custody case includes gathering and creating arguments, knowing answers to questions that may be asked, dressing appropriately, and bringing people who can be witnesses to attest how equipped you are to be a parent.

Preparing Arguments and Answers for Your Child Custody Court Date

You will be asked many questions at a child custody hearing. The judge is trying to find out if you would be fit to raise your child in a safe environment. A few questions that the judge may ask are: 

  •  “What will your child do while you are at work?” 
  •  “Who would see that your child is doing his or her homework?”
  •  “Do you normally prepare your child’s meals?”
  • “Do I have an appropriate place for my child to live?” 
  • “Can I provide my child with the time and support that he or she needs?”
  • “Can I support my child financially?”

Having answers to these types of questions before you step into the courtroom will make you feel more confident to tip the odds in your favor. 

It’s also a good idea to have people who can speak on the behalf of you and your child/children. These people could include teachers, babysitters, therapists, doctors, or other adults that are influential in your child’s life. Get in contact with those who know you well, and who would offer positive reviews on your behalf. 


What to Expect at Your Child Custody Hearing – Help From Expert Attorney

Being ready for your court date is critical in gaining custody of your child. In most cases, child custody hearings are held in smaller courtrooms and many hearings are held in the same room each day. These types of cases move through the docket rather quickly. The judge will listen to both arguments and come to a decision shortly after.

Don’t go through this process alone. Look to the help of Phillips and Sellers for a trusted team of attorneys who are on your side. Not only can we answer all of your logistical questions, but we’ll also take care of the legal end, giving you your best fighting chance possible.  

Feel prepared on your court date and contact Phillips and Sellers today. Our professional expertise in Family Law matters will have you feeling confident in receiving the best outcome. 

If you’d like to discuss your family law case via our free consultation option, contact us today.  

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