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family attorney columbus ga
Family Law

Need a Family Attorney in Columbus GA? Call Us.

Phillips and Sellers Attorneys at Law in Columbus, Georgia are your go-to family attorneys in the Muscogee and Chattahoochee Valley area. Our law office has been providing quality legal aid and representation for families and community members for over 20 years. We believe and upload that absolutely everyone deserves a fair trial. There are several key points to note when […]

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family law court columbus ga
Family Law, Legal Help

10 Tips When in Family Law Court

Family law covers a broad range of legal issues, from divorce and custody to adoption and beyond. Since close family relationships are involved, family law cases can be particularly challenging and painful for all parties involved. Phillips and Sellers Attorneys at Law have been practicing family law attorneys in the Columbus, GA area for over two decades. Today, we share […]

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Divorce lawyers in Columbus, GA
Divorce, Legal Help

When To Hire A Trusted Divorce Lawyer

At Phillips and Sellers Attorneys at Law, we know better than most how difficult and expensive getting a divorce can be. Even in the best of circumstances, it is still important that you secure quality legal representation. Hiring an experienced, knowledgeable divorce lawyer in Columbus, GA is an important aspect of ensuring that your divorce settlement is as fair as […]

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family law attorney
Family Law

When to Turn to a Family Law Attorney

You never know when you will have to turn to a family law attorney. Though your personal intentions matter in the eyes of the law, family law can mean anything from divorce, child custody, adoption, and other family matters that would need to be handled by the court.  When dealing with family law it is important to hire a qualified […]

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military divorce

Military and Divorce: What You Need to Know

Getting a divorce is not a decision that you and your spouse come to lightly and it should not be taken lightly either. Many important factors need to be considered and evaluated, which is why having the right legal team on your side is crucial. Hiring a divorce lawyer is not for everyone, but if your spouse or if you […]

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Child Support, Family Law

Child Support in Georgia : Key Points to Know Today!

The difference between an adjustment, an additional expense, and a deviation in Child Support. Here are eight key points to know about child support in Georgia and how Phillips and Sellers can assist you. First off, an adjustment to each parent’s gross income may be made when calculating the support award as “deductions” from their respective gross income. Adjustments include […]

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Going Through a Divorce? Turn to Phillips and Sellers
Divorce, Family Law

Going Through a Divorce? Turn to Phillips and Sellers

Divorces can be messy with an abundance of stress. Searching for a “divorce attorney near me”? Look no further than Phillips and Sellers.  Mr. Phillips and Ms. Sellers are licensed to practice law in the states of Georgia and Alabama. They are attorneys in Columbus, Georgia, and they’re ready to help you! The firm handles cases in Muscogee, Harris, Chattahoochee, […]

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Scott Phillips, Family Law
Child Custody, Child Support, Family Law

5 Reasons to Choose Scott Phillips for Your Family Attorney

Facing problems within your family can be stressful and hard on the relationship. If it comes time to take it to court, hiring a family law attorney in Columbus, Georgia could be the deciding factor in your case! You’ll want to find an experienced family law attorney who knows their way around the courtroom, has dealt with prior cases that […]

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legal help Columbus, Ga
Criminal Defense, Divorce, Family Law, Legal Help

Legal Help When You Need It Most

Legal help that is local? Look no further. Phillips & Sellers Law Firm is your go-to for your legal needs and they are local to Columbus, GA.  Best Legal Help Near Me?  Mr. Phillips and Ms. Sellers are licensed to practice law in the states of Georgia and Alabama. They are attorneys in Columbus, Georgia, and they’re ready to help […]

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best attorney near me columbus ga
Criminal Defense, Legal Help

How to Find the Best Criminal Attorney Near Me

We hope that you won’t need us for any criminal defense needs but if you do, you will want the best criminal attorney in Columbus, GA. If the need arises and you find yourself on google looking up, “best attorney near me”, you will find that our eclectic background, years of experience, along with our expertise and outstanding customer service […]

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