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What’s a Plea Deal and Do I Need One?

Are you going to court for a criminal charge? Do you know what a plea deal is? Do you know if you will need one? Before entering the court of law, it is a good idea to get well acquainted with a plea deal. In this blog, Phillips and Sellers Attorneys at Law will explain what a plea deal is and when you might need one. 

Phillips and Sellers have been practicing criminal law in Georgia and Alabama for over 22 years. We are passionate about our work and strive to create a comprehensive and transparent environment for our clients. We believe in the right to a fair trial for everyone!

What is a Plea Deal in Columbus, Ga

A plea deal is an agreement between the prosecutor and the defendant wherein the defendant agrees to plead guilty in the court of law. When a defendant does this, there is a compromise from the prosecutor’s end of things. This may be a reduction of sentencing, reduced or dropped charges, and so on. 

This deal is agreed upon before a trial in order to avoid a lengthy and expensive criminal trial. This will also help the defendant avoid lengthy sentencing or getting more severe charges.

Know your Rights Around a Plea Bargain

Though plea bargains are less of a headache and will help speed up the process of your trial, you don’t have to take the deal. Though a lawyer might push the idea on you, ultimately, the decision to make a plea deal is solely up to the client. However, according to sources, “Defendants who reject plea bargains and are convicted when they choose to go to trial for many types of crimes face longer sentences – sometimes substantially longer – than defendants who make a deal.” 

Here at Phillips and Sellers, we keep the client’s best interest at heart and will never sway a client one way or another for our personal agendas. If we think a plea deal is what is best for you, we will inform you of that. If we think we should proceed with the trial, we will be transparent and communicative.

Do I Need a Plea Deal in the Court of Law?

Though it may sound nice to take the first plea deal offered to you, it is important that you know you are getting the best deal available to you. To ensure this, it is important to talk to a criminal defense attorney. Before accepting a plea deal, you should always talk to an attorney. An attorney will help you decide if your case is strong enough to go to trial. You should also consider if the offer is in your best interest. When you accept this deal, you are saying that you are pleading guilty or no contest. This means you will not have a trial. Before taking a plea deal you may consider the consequences that may come of pleading guilty to the charges that are brought against you. A lawyer who truly has your best interests will help walk you through if it is necessary to take this deal or not.

Trusted Criminal Defense Attorneys in Columbus, Ga

Here at Phillips and Sellers, we are experienced in criminal law. We want what is absolutely best for our clients and will not stop fighting until we get this for you. Phillips and Sellers have been a part of many plea deals. We know when and when NOT a defendant should accept it. Angela and Scott understand it can be scary and difficult to go through a trial. But are here to walk you through it, every step of the way.

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