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5 Questions to Ask Your Divorce Attorney

Going through a divorce can be an emotionally draining period in your life. However, you want to make sure the proceedings go as smoothly as possible. Therefore you should make sure you are informed and fully prepared when going through a divorce. You should also make sure your divorce attorney is qualified enough to represent you in your case.

To help ease the stress during this exhausting time here are five questions you should ask your divorce attorney.

Question 1: How much experience do you have as a divorce attorney?

When you decide to hire a divorce attorney it is not something you want to “go with the flow” on. It is important to ask your lawyer’s experience. Make sure you know how long your lawyer has been practicing, where they’ve practiced law, and whether they specialize in divorce cases or not. And if they’re experienced within your state and county.

In regards to the experience of your attorney, it is also important to ask questions such as their success rate and the caseload they are dealing with at that time. You don’t want an attorney who is going to be too overwhelmed to give complete attention to your case.

Question 2: What do you consider a good “settlement”?

More often times than not, a divorce case will settle. With this being said you need to be assured you are getting a fair settlement. To do this it’s important to find out if your attorney has had collaborative training, mediation training, and how often your divorce attorney settles in a case.

Question 3: How will assets be split?

Each state has a different way to decide how assets between husband and wife will be split. In order to be informed of how the financials will be handled in the court of law you should ask your attorney what the state’s property laws are. These laws will help decide which person gets what in the process of a divorce.

Question 4: How often will we communicate and how should I properly communicate with my spouse?

It’s important to ask your attorney how often he or she plans to communicate with you. This will give you intel on whether or not your attorney is a solid communicator, which is very important in your case. Therefore, when discussing communication with your attorney, it’s important to lay grounds on when and how you will be doing this communication.

It’s also important to learn how to talk to your spouse in a way that won’t negatively affect your case. (That is, unless you’re advised not to speak.) You should ask your attorney the proper way to communicate with your spouse and make sure to abide by what your lawyer tells you.

Question 5: How much does this cost?

Though the main focus of your court case is to have a divorce, money is always an important subject. Ask your attorney how much their services will cost and ask for an estimate on how expensive your divorce proceeding might be. Your attorney should always be able to give you a detailed estimate for your case!

Divorces aren’t easy, this is why Phillips and Sellers are here to help your legal process along smoothly. If you’re looking for a divorce attorney in Phenix City, AL or Columbus, GA we’ve got your back.

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