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5 Myths About Filing For Divorce

Over half of marriages end in divorce, but why are there so many myths about filing for divorce? As a lawyer for 23 years, Scott Phillips, has seen it all when it comes to divorce cases. Here are the top 5 misconceptions, Scott has encountered during his time working with clients: 

  1. File My Divorce in the City/County Where I Got Married:  The law firm gets calls every week from people living all over the country who think they need to come to the Columbus/Phenix City area to get a divorce even though they haven’t lived here in years.  While every state has laws addressing where you can file a divorce, they all typically boil down to one question: Where are you and your spouse currently living? It has NOTHING to do with where you were married unless that also happens to be where you currently live.
  2. Annulments:  This is another popular idea at consultations that is legally inaccurate.  An annulment is a legal device for nullifying a marriage that was illegal, to begin with.  If your spouse was married to someone else or was too young to consent to marry when he/she married you, then those are examples of situations where an annulment is appropriate.  If you have been legally married